Telecom Italia (TIM) CEO Amos Genish said tensions between the company's management, its board and shareholders were counterproductive, but said he was committed to staying, according to an excerpt of an interview with La Repubblica.
Starting a business as a young professional is an accomplishment but lack of experience can lend itself to making mistakes. Young entrepreneurs are also prone to those mistakes that come with youth whether it is sponsoring too many company...
California, home to Silicon Valley, has enacted the nation's toughest net neutrality protections and will have to defend them in court.
– If you haven’t already heard, mobile marketing is quickly becoming among the “go to” marketing methods for businesses both small and large. – It’s a trend which is difficult to ignore, as more folks have usage of a mobile...

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BUSINESS IS... Business or an enterprise, is a company, or a firm or an organizational entity that is legal and made up of an combination or association of people, sharing a common purpose and unite in order to focus the...

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