General Knowledge MCQs Prep for FPSC, KPPSC, NTS, PTS and Other Tests-Part 3

General Knowledge Mcqs
General Knowledge Mcqs. Photo: Playbuzz
General Knowledge MCQs Part 3.

General Knowledge Mcqs page consists of Weather Mcqs, Politics Mcqs, Culture Mcqs, World Geography Mcqs, Current Affairs Mcqs , World Economy Mcqs, Pakistan Affairs Mcqs, International Affairs Mcqs and Other Mcqs.

41. The lengthiest cave in the world is.

A. Wind Cave
B. Clearwater Cave
C. Mommoth Cave
D. Lechuguilla Cave

42.  Mommoth Cave, the world lenghtiest Cave is present in.

A. United States
B. Cambodia
C. Pakistan
D. Canada

43.  The largest number of cave present in the world are in.

A. Canada
B. United States
C. Russia
D. France

44.  Mammoth Cave was discovered in _______.

A. 1790
B. 1791
C. 1792
D. 1793

45.  Mammoth Cave is having a length of ______ kms.

A. 651.8
B. 651.9
C. 651.6
D. 651.7

46.  World longest under water cave is __________.

A. Sac Actun
B. Mammoth
C. Hang Son Doong
D. None of above

47.  The world longest underwater cave system Sac Actun is in______.

A. Vietnam
B. Mexico
C. Canada
D. Austrailia

48.  The world largest cave is called.

A. Hang Son Doong
B.  Sac Actun
C. Mammoth
D. Clearwater

49.  Hang Son Doong Cave is present in _______ country.

A. Malaysia
B. China
C. Russia
D. Vietnam

50. World Largest cave Hang Son Doong was discovered in.

A. 1990
C. 1992
D. 1993

51. Following is the Head of State in Germany.

A. Angela Merkel
B. Frank-Walter Steinmeier
C. Donald Trump
D. None of Above

52. The Head of State in Germany is called  ___________.

A. President
B. Prime Minister
C. Chief Justice
D. Chancellor

53. Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of

A. East Germany
B. West Germany
C. Germany
D. France

54. Chancellor is the Head of _____.

A. Government
B. State
C. Head of Justice
D. Chancellor

55. Chancellor is also called as ___________ in German

A. Kanzler
B. Bundeskanzler
C. President
D. None of Above

56. .The leader if Germany in World War I was _________

A. Friedrich Wilhelm
B. Angela Merkel
C. Adolf Hitler
D. None of Above

57. The leader if Germany in World War II was _________

A. Friedrich Wilhelm
B. Angela Merkel
C. Adolf Hitler
D. None of Above

58. Adolf Hitler was the Leader of  _________ Party in Germany.

A. Nazi
B. Republican
C. Democrats
D. None of Above

59. Adolf Hitler committed suicide in ________ Year.

A. 1946
B. 1945
C. 1943
D. 1942

60. Adolf Hitler remained German Chancellor from_________to _______.

A. 1933-1934
B. 1934-1935
C. 1935-1936
D. 1936-1937



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