Are High Heels Actually For You or Its Just Fashion Symbol

High Heels
High Heels

Ladies love to wear high heels. Nowadays high heels are huge  a  run item of time in style. . High heels makes legs appearance even more longer and thinner. High heels make girls character extra stunning and confident. High heeled shoes are available in unique designs and shapes some with straps which provide higher help at the same time as walking.

Strap and wedge sandals are taken into consideration as a more secure alternative. High

Pink Heels

heels are available in different exotic designs which by no means goes out of favor and every women no matter which part of the arena she lives, loves to wear them with formal and casuals dresses. Regardless of if high heeled shoes matches with your dress or not, it just puts on a cool and elegant look to your personality and all ladies and gents going around you and all looks very pleasant of good fortune with high heels girls.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

However you should be cautious never wear terrible equipped high heeled shoes it is able to cause tightening of muscle groups. It can be of terrifying experience for some if it doesn’t suits you or if you don’t know best suited heel for your personality.

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The proper, pointy pair of four-inch heels can make any outfit, but with this fashion comes a lot suffering. High heels have the stigma of being bad for fitness and luxury, but this barely stops ladies from carrying them from time to time and frequently day by day. Women regularly make sacrifices for foot style, but at what rate? Research have proven that those towering shoes may be highly-priced to you in many ways than one, taking their toll for your spine, hips, knees, ankles and feet, whilst changing your posture and gait. A lot of research is being on it how it effect your outfit /body which is given below.

High Heel Side effects

Further to above, it also imparts a significant impact on your body figure as well as on your movement which causes pressure on foot muscles.

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Now, inspite of above side effects of wearing high heels, the problem is still that who will stop the ladies from wearing them. Is it just fashion, culture or some inside gene built in the ladies, which we don’t know,that let them keep on breaking the health barriers and continue on  wearing high heels.

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Famous High Heel Quote

I hope so one day Medical Science will solve the mystery of this ladies behavior towards high heels…..


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