Instagram versus Reality


Hey guys! I’ve been thinking more and more about the effect of social media on all of our lives. I even posted a long Instagram post about this the other day. And trust me, it’s not lost on me that it’s kind of ridiculous to be talking about how damaging social media can be while on social media. I know there are so many good things about connecting with people online, but with that good comes a lot of bad. And lately it’s really been bothering me. To the point where I almost feel paralyzed at times. But at the same time, Instagram and this blog are a way for me to connect with all of you. There’s so much good in that! You guys have uplifted me during tough times in my life, given me advice when I needed it and given me purposes in so many areas of my life. Hopefully I’ve done some of those things for you as well. So I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing more of myself day to day, and not just on my good days.

I try to keep it SUPER real on insta story. Showing you guys me as I am in any given moment, the good times and the bad times. And I write about the hard moments in my blog. But I don’t think my photos necessarily show that. Don’t get me wrong, my Instagram is still going to be full of pretty pictures because that’s something I enjoy doing. But instead of posting a photo of my office when it’s super clean, I’m also going to post pictures when it’s super messy. Because in REAL life, sometimes it’s clean and sometimes it’s not. Some of you have actually commented on my posts in the past saying that it’s impossible to have such a clean home with two kids. And while I don’t agree that it’s not possible to have a clean home most of the time, in my case it’s definitely NOT possible to have a clean home ALL the time! So when I post a picture of my kitchen right after we cleaned it, I will also try to post a picture of it when it’s a complete mess! Not every time, but sometimes. I just don’t want to set unrealistic expectations for anybody. Because when I’m scrolling through Instagram I don’t like it when unrealistic expectations are set for me. I find myself looking at other peoples insta feeds and not feeling good enough. Maybe their photos are prettier than mine or their feed is more cohesive or their outfits are cuter. It’s draining!!!!!!!!! And it’s definitely smothering my creativity.


So as you can see from these pictures, here’s my office super clean and organized. But there’s also a photo of it right after a busy week of work. Ha! I would say my office is probably consistently the messiest room in our house. The cleanest rooms are probably our formal living room, dining room and Molly’s room. Just because we don’t spend a lot of time in any of those places.

And you know I’m not gonna do a blog post without sharing details. I’ll link all the stuff in my office below. The main things that I absolutely love in it are the gold clothing rack, which is such a showstopper! I also really love the faux olive tree, and my desk chair makes me feel confident whenever I sit down at my computer to do work (I’m sitting in it right now!). Plus it’s just really pretty!

Scroll to see each item in my office.

And the blush tunic I’m wearing is on sale for $27! It’s been on sale for a couple weeks now so I don’t know if the price is going to go back up or what. But I absolutely love it! Check out this blog post  to see me wearing it while standing. If you go to that blog post you’ll see that it’s really long. Long enough to cover your booty. Which I love because I’m much rounder these days than I used to be. Especially when I’m wearing leggings, I don’t want my booty out there for the whole world to see. Ha!

Well that’s all I’ve got for now. I hope this post serves as something real and positive for people to see who maybe felt down on themselves at some point today or even this week while scrolling social media. Know that you’re not alone. I feel it, people who otherwise seem to have perfect lives on Instagram feel it too, and I think the people we think are happiest are struggling just like all of us are.

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