Know everything about Zotac Zbox MI553


Zotac is no stranger to the world of mini-PCs, and their latest — the Zbox MI553 — displays just how functional these very little boxes may be. There’s numerous uses for it thanks to several decent internals and a great easy-to-access chassis, therefore regardless of what you’ve got in store, the MI533 can easily adapt accordingly.

Selling price and availability

The Zbox MI553 is priced at $480 (approx. £365, AU$662, AED you, 790) which gets you a barebones program built with a 7th Style Intel Kaby Lake Main Processor chip. Just add on your various other essentials this sort of as RAM and storage space, and you’ll prepare yourself to go.

It may appear that it is priced a bit higher for the barebones system, but provided that the system has support intended for Thunderbolt, USB-C, Intel Optane Memory, and 4K shows, it’s a fair selling price to pay.


The Zbox MI553 is a little bit bigger than other similar tools we have access to seen from Zotac, however the increased size likewise means that you could pack a good number of parts in it as well. The boxy, dark appearance is certainly nothing innovative, but thank goodness there’s not any shiny areas that could catch the attention of particles or fingerprints. A profound groove runs over the top rated cover of the device, which helps draw fresha ir inside, while ventilation barrière on the side support expel heated air.

There’s a great selection of jacks on the Zbox MI553, which will we’ve come to expect via Zotac. By the front you have got an USB 3. one particular Type-C port, SD Greeting card reader, and audio tracks jacks. At the back you have the majority of connectivity, which includes a Thunderbolt a few dock, DisplayPort, HDMI, 4xUSB three or more. 0, Ethernet, and a great antenna connector to get Wi fi.

We would have certainly liked to have a lot of HARDWARE ports on the front too to generate connectivity easier in the event the Zbox MI553 is set up within a scenario where you can’t gain access to the rear end ports easily. For the additionally side, you’ll have the ability to manage up to three exhibits for the Zbox MI553, which include 4K resolutions via Thunderbolt or perhaps DisplayPort, which can be more than enough display space.

Zotac has often made it fairly convenient to acquire inside all their devices, and the Zbox MI553 is no different. Merely push two tab at the back of it, and the device’s cover leaps off. You can then slot in certain RAM and storage to create the device to your life, and even below you have got options you will not expect from a LAPTOP OR COMPUTER this tiny.

For one particular, there is support for Intel Optane Memory, should you opt to make use of a classic HDD for safe-keeping rather of an SSD. There is also a spare position pertaining to an M. two SOLID STATE DRIVE SATAIII slot (22/42) too, so when this comes to storage you are able to really play around with what is ideal.

The program also supports approximately 32-GB of DDR4-2400/2133 GOOD OLD RAM, which usually again is more than we’ve seen on different mini PCs. Everything is straightforward to remove and adapt manually ,, without needing to use a single electric screwdriver – even the rough drive merely snaps in to a holding menu which in turn you can then go in to the motherboard.

Since the Zbox MI553 is a barebones system, all of us set up a WD Organic 128GB SSD for storage area, and tacked on EIGHT GIGABYTES of RAM, which ise enough to run Windows 15 as well as conduct some basic duties and benchmarks.


The Zbox MI553 did quite very well in our benchmarks, nevertheless we did run in a number of technical issues with 3DMark frequently crashing during our video gaming tests, thus we had to hotel to real-world gaming testing instead. The system does not receive too loud when ever stressed, so even if perhaps you’re planning to open multiple browser dividers or undertaking a furious piece of data file copying, the Zbox MI553 remains fairly calm and cool.

Zotac says that the Zbox MI553 has the ability to of driving a 4K display, and in practice we all found there had been some tricks with this kind of. We built in 8GB of RAM in to our assessment unit, consequently when all of us ran a 4K screen via Thunderbolt, anything viewed great. Connecting extra shows and running all of them in addition to a 4K screen turned out a very little challenging, especially with press performance.

For example, we all went a 4K online video on a single screen, and the moment we duplicated the same video across two further screens, we saw a moderate framerate drop using one of the monitors, so it may be best to run multiple watches at FHD promises rather.

Applications such while Office leaped pretty very well, and even multiple an eye on Chrome didn’t slow straight down the Zbox MI553. Game playing is formally possible, although we will not recommend that – you will only always be able to get a soft gameplay experience on the subject of really low graphics settings, which will hinder your general experience. We was able to perform Overwatch at about 52fps on very low adjustments, so perhaps older video games will run more proficiently.


The Zotac Zbox MI553 is a wonderful mini PC which could match a variety of uses. It is very strong enough to handle everyday workplace responsibilities if you install enough RAM and storage, or perhaps can simply be concealed away as being a thin customer in an business office or perhaps even as a basic LAPTOP OR COMPUTER for browsing or perhaps code in a school room.

The flexibility to set up it with precisely what elements you need is a certain plus, and with low power consumption and a little footprint, it’s a PC you can easily stick away in the living place as a focused mass media streaming box, or perhaps meant for some light couch gambling.