The Pumpkin Patch


The Manno family spent some time at the pumpkin patch today! I had such high hopes for this day. I thought we would go and casually pick up some pumpkins while watching Molly play on some of the things they had set up there like the bounce house. Overall I thought it would just be a chill day at the pumpkin patch. Boy was I wrong. It was exhausting the entire time! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we went. But now is just not a time in our lives where we’re able to casually do things. Between Riley and Molly (and the pumpkins) we were lugging around SO much stuff. It’s hard to even explain why it was so hard, it just was. Once Riley’s over a year old, things will get easier and we will be able to do things like that more often, but it’s just really tough right now.

Anyway, I posted some of our day on Insta story and I got a bunch of you asking me about my outfit. And I’m glad you did because honestly this sweater is one of my favorites! It’s super long so it’s great to wear with leggings and it’s really affordable! And I think it’s cool that it has interesting sleeves. It’s got a bell sleeve which I think gives it a unique look.


And don’t judge me but I’m totally wearing maternity leggings today. I was rushing to get out the door and I thought I grabbed my high waisted leggings from Nordstrom that I love and are under $30 by the way. But as I was putting them on I realized that I actually grabbed my high waisted maternity leggings. Ha! I was in too much of a rush to change it so I just wore them. But, I meant to wear my high waisted leggings that are amazing! They’re not see-through and are really good quality so I highly recommend them! Plus the price is just unreal.

I got a few DM’s about my purse in particular. A lot of you seem to love it! And so do I! I’ve really been into leopard lately. And I’m seeing it everywhere. I think it’s going to be a big trend this fall. I like that the purse has just a little bit of leopard and not too much. Plus it’s larger than the average crossbody and I think it’s such a great size. I feel like it kind of looks expensive and therefore makes my look feel more styled and put together. But it’s not expensive at all! It’s from Sole Society and so are my boots. I like these boots because they have a slight heel but not enough to make me uncomfortable. They’re really comfy, easy to walk in and let me chase after my kiddos easily.

OK I’ve got to run because we are trying to get stuff done around the house today. Even though I’m exhausted after the pumpkin patch visit! And I hope you guys like these iphone pics. Like I promised yesterday, I am trying to show more of my everyday life instead of just my pretty planned out pictures 🙂 Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

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