Year end 2017 Fashion


And another Year is going to an end. Lot of fashion trend came . Lot of new design concepts came, Lost of new designers came to the arena. Some left their effects till year end. Some came and just vanished.

Now let What is still In 2017 and will remain till end 2017.

  1. Mule shoe: Mule shoe are term used for mainly for bedroom slippers and are not a causal public worn out shoes, But because of new trend in the industry and new design concept they have crossed the barrier of just for slipper use. Now they are coming in different unique designs and highly trending in 2017. it is expected that it will continue its trend till 2018.

2. Pattern Design Wear: Although it is not the fashion industry which would tell what to wear and what not. But still it is fashion industry that makes your mind towards certain trend.  Pattern design which was not that much famous a year ago is now trending high and this time with very exciting pattern combination. Thanks to the tech and innovative ideas that pattern design wear will continue its craze.




3. Watches : The 2017 didn’t change a watch style trend.  Many of the trends of 2016 continued  to breeze the market. Like in watches the dark blue dials with retro style and a smaller medium sized watches left behind the oversized in 2017. This trend will continue the mantra of small is elegant in 2017 for ladies and gents.

4. Ladies Bags:  The is year 2017 designers bags of 2017 touched the mood of the season with heavily exotic theme, but with a wider spectrum of hotness. Almost every top brand performed well but in style ladies choice sticked to minimalist fashion, in myriad colours and velvet finishes with triangle mad style bag. The Gucci’s Marmont and Balenciaga bags  topped the most likely brands for the year 2017 and continue the trend.


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